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Mikron Machining is the leading supplier of customized, highly productive machining systems for the manufacturing of complex high-precision components made of metal.

About us

The Mikron Machining division is the leading supplier of customized, highly productive machining systems for the manufacturing of complex high-precision components made of metal such as turbocharger housings, injection nozzles and ballpoint pen tips.

At a glance:
Number of employees: 475
Systems installed worldwide: over 7,000
Projects: between 80 and 150 per year
Delivery time: 4 to 18 months
Number of facilities: 4 sites

Mikron GmbH Rottweil
Berner Feld 71
78628 Rottweil

Phone: +49 741 53800
Internet: www.mikron.com

Mikron SA Agno
Via Ginnasio 17

Phone: +41916106111
Fax: +41916106680
Internet: www.mikron.com

Products and services

Mikron Multistar
The versatile machining system for small precision parts

The Multistar transfer machine is well known for its wide range of applications. Parts for injection systems and gas burners, connectors for the electronics and electrical industry as well as components in the area of surgery, communications and audio-video are some of many ideal Multistar workpieces.

Multistar machines parts made from materials such as steel, non-ferrous metals or aluminium, in the diameter range from 0.4 to 35 mm with maximum lengths of up to 65 mm.

High-precision rotary transfer machine with 24 stations
Full CNC or mechanically actuated versions
Highly accurate manufacturing and repeatability

When it comes to high-volume production, Multistar is the best partner!

Available with from one to four simultaneous cycles, depending on part complexity and required volume
Capacity of up to 150 parts/min in single-cycle operation and up to 600 parts/min in four-cycle mode

Mikron Multistar CX-24

The Multistar CX-24 controls spindle movements with linear curves. The quickly interchangeable control curves provide processing flexibility, and 24 additional intermediate stations enable measuring, flipping over of the workpiece - also in different shape, monitoring and cleaning procedures in the processing cycle.

• Precise serial production of part families
• ± 2.5 μm table index accuracy
• Up to 44 machining units operating simultaneously

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Mikron Multistar LX-24

The Multistar LX-24 with 24 work stations and up to 44 working spindles ensures a smooth mass production. With the Multistar LX-24, parts can be machined from below and above or from the side.

A highly unique system! Up to 600 simple workpieces can be produced per minute. Separating the work fields doubles, triples or quadruples the production rate at the same high processing speed. This same parallel concept enables complete production of different workpieces is possible within a single run.

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